Boozers. We know them, we love them, some are poncey, some are gorgeous, some are ramshackle, some are boring while others are anything but. Yet, I have never come across a pub frequented by a robot from the future, a cross dressing host not unlike a certain Scouse light entertainment icon (link seriously NSFW or in fact, anytime) and a whole cast of deviants from across the environs of E2, N1 and E8.  This is the Stags Head, and this is the Knocking Shop. It might be one of the funniest, fucked up things you see this year.

I’m not going to break the spell of who and what are behind the Knocking Shop (but this and this will give you a good idea) but it’s a brilliantly twisted idea. A mixture of ‘interviews’ and bands, but succeeding in blurring them together in one 25 minute booze haze. The Knocking Shop is a cavalcade of bizzarre characters, deadpan interview styles and the coolest editing I’ve seen in a long time. Think the Word, blended with Easy Riders’ cutaways and you’re sort of there. If ever there was an antithesis to ‘variety’ shows, then this would win hands down.

I don’t really want to labour the Knocking Shop with pseudo references, it’s just a shit load of fun, from a brilliant pub, and a lot of seriously offbeat minds. Let’s hope it gets picked up soon (or actually thinking about it, who the hell needs TV anyways these days?) The Knocking Shop is available to view here. Or, if you’re link-shy, then watch part 1 below…

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