With Preppy style splashed all over (alas) the UK high street, it’s good to see this (continuing) authentic style and culture be celebrated by the re-release by Powerhouse Books in Brooklyn of ‘Take Ivy’.The story behind Take Ivy is a fascinating one. The book was commissioned to cater for the growing fascination that the Japanese and, in particular, the devotees of the Ginza shopping gained for traditional and authentic American style in the 1960’s (a trend that has never really gone away, living on through Bikers, and the deep fascination with selvedge denim.) Teruyoshi Hayashida, photographer for Mens Club magazine went off to shoot the campuses of America’s Ivy League universities.

What he uncovered in gloriously candid detail, one of the most fetishistic American fantasies, the intoxicating air of privledge and power, all underpinned with a gloriously rigid but totally impeccable style. One that has maintained it’s allure, and it’s cachet through almost over 60 years. (And stranglehold on power in the United States). It’s all so effortless, and is easy to imagine these guys swanning from townhouse to beach house, effortless living, combined with an effortless style. The book has since 1965, taken on almost mythical status, with original copies on ebay going for serious bucks. So it’s a pleasure to see this classic and definitive take on a gorgeous look released to a larger audience.

Check out some choice pics here…

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  1. LDT says: April 2, 201011:49 PM

    The shoes with the tassels still look weird. You know the ones.

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