I don’t really like bananas, don’t like the texture, don’t like the taste, but I do like what bananas represent, sunshine, brightness, fun, the exotic, available daily on rain soaked Ridley Road. You might be wondering why this blog might suddenly have gone all foodie, but it has everything to do with the wonderful re-brand that has taken place on one of the biggest brands out there. Chiquita. This re-brand represented a tough creative challenge, namely, you can really ‘package’ a banana, it’s yellow and it’s bendy, that’ s about it. That’s what makes the Chiquita re-brand so cute and heartwarming. Instead of just using the sticker space to tell you who bought you said fruit, it uses that finite space to bring the inherent joy and personality of the fruit out into the brand, using super cool icons (that bear similar comparisms with web avatars) to create a dynamic, and more importantly, and ever-changing personality for the brand. It’s a real design and brand triumph in the most unexpected of worlds. Check out this insightful interview with the designer behind the refresh DJ Neff.

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