Trawling through PSFK, I saw this rather strange idea from Swedish designer Ann Sofie Back (and her ad team We Are Group) Spinning the now overused “Pop Up Store” concept (Kingsmill pop up store anyone? Yeah I thought not) into a much more outlandish and provocative concept; the hostage store.

The stunt started with these videos (below) posted on YouTube Back has been kidnapped by a bunch of Anna Wintour look-alikes (the agency in drag – natch) for a crimes against fashion. A communique, aping those from mid 70’s groups like the Baader Meinhof and the Symbionese Liberation Army, if they dressed in a Acne/Cos super Swedish style of course is released, as well as these rather natty posters, I assume plastered around Stockholm.

The stunt itself intended to drive people to the Ann Sofie Back “Hostage Store”. Ironically enough, very close to the birthplace of Stockholm Syndrome itself. The space exhibited the Swedish Designer’s current collection, as well as some rejected designs and garments, which provides a fascinating insight into her creative processes.

What is most interesting about this project is how much attention you have to generate for things that were once seen as the height of ‘no branding’ branding. I guess when there are just too many pop ups, they cease to be things that you can appreciate, but weeds that need to be removed. It will be interesting to see if the approach taken by Back and her agency will be replicated, or is just a flash in the pan. But certainly as a way of storytelling it’s certainly more interesting than just sticking a shop up somewhere…

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