Domu Presents Pete Simpson Album 2007

Over the weekend I read this rather heartbreaking sign-off to the music industry from one it’s most talented, prolific and sadly under appreciated producers. Dominic Stanton, or Domu as he (was) commonly known as. In his long sign off you really get a sense that the trials and tribulations of the making music have now become too much, so with that I feel compelled to add my appreciation by shedding a little bit of light onto the album that led me to discover his work (and there is LOTS of it). His Pete Simpson collaboration Look A Little Further.Released in 2007, this album pairs the soulful sounds of Pete Simpson’s cracking vocals with the brilliantly textured beats of Domu. What’s great about the album on initial listen it feels like a ‘traditional’ neo-soul album, with it’s formalised song structures, and vocals tricks, but similarly to D’Angelo’s classic Brown Sugar, the backing tracks are where the action really happens. It’s multi-layered, densely rich with references from all of Domu’s previous work. Samba shuffles butt up next to soulful jazz hooks or veering into straight-up house, yet always interspersed with the classic Broken Beat sound that recalls Jazzanova at it’s best. (Indeed, listen to this cut with Paul Randolph on their new album and it could have come from Look A Little Further – just sayin’…) It’s these perfect blends of classic hooks and futurist rhythms that make the album so distinctive, but, alas, probably sank it as well. For the unfortunate reality is the album never found a wider audience. Indeed, I only stumbled upon after hearing one of the tracks by chance on an MP3 site and being a fan of similar styled work thought I would give it a go. In that regard, it reminds me of the way that one of my all time favorite albums Lewis Taylor never found it’s audience, yet was just as extraordinary in it’s ambition and execution. His work lives on and continues to grow to this day for the dedication and passion people have for his music. Taylor retired from the music industry beaten and disillusioned, in a very similar way to Domu did this weekend, I hope that the tens of thousands of fans of Domu’s work will continue to treasure his music. I write this in the hope that others will post, promote this man’s music in similar fashion. Good luck Domu, in whatever you do next.

Buy Look A Little Further here…

Here’s the Spotify link as well…

Here’s another great collaboration Domu on the new Swell Session album. Smoooth.

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