The Art Of The Trench Scott Schuman

The Sartorialist has an interesting collaboration up at the moment. ‘The Art Of The Trench’ shows the classic Burberry trenchcoat on the shoulders of some of the most stylish citizens of Europe and America. It’s a beautiful idea, which helps cement the iconic-ness of the Burberry trenchcoat and, as an owner of one myself, shows that there can be many imitations, but the essence of what makes Burberry trench special can’t be replicated as easily as some might imagine (and certainly many who have tried). The Sartorialist interpretations are up first, but many other photographers are lined up next, as well as user generated contributions that are equally good. One to watch… Some more after the jump. The Art Of The Trench 1

The Art Of The Trench 2

The Art Of The Trench 3

The Art Of The Trench 4

The Art Of The Trench 5

The Art Of The Trench 6

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  1. […] into their marketing. Well, things started to change in 2009, with the (previously reported) Art Of The Trench from Burberry, the brand pushed home their digital breakthrough with the streaming (in 3D!) of […]

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