Marvel Comics has through it’s successful re-imagining of it’s characters on the big screen, has undergone a renaissance since the beginning of the noughties. (Culminating for those that didn’t know in it’s acquisition by Disney for some ludicrous figure). What has impressed me more than anything is the way they have diversified away from the core comic book base while still keeping a sense of evolution and crucially, innovation. This streak has taken an interesting turn with the release of Marvel Motion comics. Traditional graphic paneled comics giving a moving dynamic overhaul. The results are pretty interesting.Borrowing from Anime and Sin City frank Miller stylings, at first glance this might seem like a stupid idea. Well it certainly isn’t fully resolved. The set-up parts of the story (like the example that has been released below are pretty static and underwhelming) but the little bits of action here show a real dynamism and show that this technique could have some legs to it. It is also beautifully illustrated, and has a seriousness of aesthetic that certainly stands out from the crowd. It did remind me very much of the Anime section of Kill Bill  Part 1, which is thought was a triumph the first time I saw it and still leaves you reeling now with it’s content and the flair with which it is delivered. Whatever the parallels, it certainly strikes me that there is real potential in this field, bringing old characters to life in new ways and opening up different and dynamic ways to view and appreciate ‘traditional’ content. With these episodes being available on the iPhone and other video platforms it has the potential to open up another lucrative stream revenue stream beyond the printed panel.

Here’s the original Kill Biil Sequence. Not exactly the same, but a pointer in where this stuff could/has gone.

And where Marvel first started… (I remember this from when I was kid, classic opening titles!)

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