Lady In Cement Soundtrack

I have always loved soundtrack music, from the bombast of John Williams Star Wars and Superman themes through to the smoother sultrier and more adventurous sounds of mid 60’s and early 70’s soundtracks. This period in particular was a golden age, when the likes of Lalo Schifrin, Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Hugo Montenegro, Quincy Jones, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani and Roy Budd (to name just a few) roamed the land of low budget spy capers, dramas and Italian giallos and all manner of strange exploitation/mondo docs, their output was spectacularly prolific as well. Ennio Morricone composed more than 100 individual soundtracks between 1967 and 1971 alone.

With such a mountainous archive, soundtrack music from this time always throws up amazing gems, and funnily enough, worked well in bars when I used to play it out. There would always be one track that would remind someone of a moment in a film, whether it was a climatic car chase or a romantic interlude. Good soundtrack music elevates great films to great entertainment, but quite often, great soundtrack music was created for frankly, daft or flawed films.

This sense of adventure (in filmmaking at least) was mimicked by the composers. Offering up bizarre instruments and unconventional sounds, these soundtracks became a labaratory for many a compose as well as a vital source of income for hundreds of jazz sidemen, which meant that the quality of these soundtracks was almost always of a high standard, even the ones that were really out there… (Morricone’s Forza G is a pretty good place to start with that)

The ambition of this mix is create one long soundtrack myself. The oft used ‘Soundtrack to an imaginary film’, following the basic forms of a crime/caper movie, big set pieces framed around mood setters and romantic motifs. Some pieces are well known, some are from barely known soundtracks lost to the mists of time and taste, but together, they form ‘Scenes from a film’.

So get comfortable and imagine a world of fast cars, high speed chases, gorgeous heroines and dashing spys, femme fatales, and LSD drug parties, it’s all here – in glorious technicolour!


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