Moon Film 2009 Poster

I went to see Moon over the weekend and mighty good it is too. Starring Sam Rockwell as a lunar employee who after three years working on his own to maintain and mine the Moon the fuel that has solved the energy crisis (Th film is set in the near future) finds out all is not as it seems… It’s a cracking performance by Rockwell, and Kevin Spacey does his best HAL impression (with added smiley face), it’s certainly evocative in design (the outdoor moon scenes are very Space 1999 like) and mood of Solaris and 2001.

It’s probably no surprise that Moon is released at this time. With the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landings upon us there is a renewed fascination with our greatest expedition, and as you would expect, NASA (and the JFK Presidential Library) hasn’t exactly been slow with bringing the journey of Apollo 11 to life. An extraordinary detailed website wechoosethemoon gives you a real time experience of the Apollo 11 mission, with updates from the craft to mission control, video from the flight and photographs from the mission, each key milestone of the mission is counted down, meaning you can be kept totally informed of the how and why we got to the moon. It’s a great site, and along with the film, serves as just two of the many fitting responses to the event.

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