2012 X 2012.

2012 1
2012 2

I’m sure many of you have seen the totally ludicrous and therefore amazing 2012 trailer-  from the ‘guys that bought you Independence Day’ comes the most cataclysmic disaster movie since well… the last one.

So in the great tradition of remix culture, comes the response, essentially taking the best of the notorious ‘Airport’ film series (BOLD TYPE, OVERWROUGHT LANGUAGE etc…) it absolutely nails the insanity of this film, but also the very reason it will clean up at the box office. We like to see our world wrought asunder, and the more dramatic the better. Of course the flip side of this disaster-box office porn is that we turn real life tragedies into Hollywood-esque disasters, (think back to the widescreen like coverage of Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 Tsunmai et al and you sort of get the idea.)

But we are where we are, will I go and see, totally, they had me sold at the aircraft carrier and the White House.

2012 (As an aside, I would really watch this one in HD from the Apple website – it’s a treat).


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