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Last week, I presented a piece of work I had been working on for a while to my compatriots at Dave…It is essentially an introduction to the burgeouning world of social media, and by proxy as brand consultants, how this affects the role of a brand consultancy and explaining what i believe is a new approach to branding and designing for the future. As with anything of this nature, it provoked a strong response from those who may not know much about this space and indeed the very merits of being ‘sociable’ itself. I guess that’s a sign that might have hit upon something. Anyways, I was honoured today as the guys at slideshare decided to put my presentation on their homepage, which out of the thousands of presentations posted there everyday is a pretty cool thing, and shows being sociable in action. Have a read, let me know what you think, or not…

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  1. Eric Tsai says: June 20, 20098:20 AM

    Great slides, I feel the same about what’s been happening in the social media space. People still lack understanding of this new platform but corporations are taking a hard look at it from businesses that have done it. It’s viral marketing at its best without solid proof of ROI to corporates, but to individuals it’s a new way to communicate, interact and share. And yes “authenticity” matters 🙂 per my latest blog article as well, cheers.

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