Oki Ni have recently started an online archive of some of their most treasured brands from their history. As Oki Ni put it:

“We thought it was really important for us to demonstrate that this, for us, is and has been our life for a long time. Anyone can get a few labels together and put them in a store; we really want people to trust in us and our knowledge and for them to believe we’ll only ever bring them the best of what’s available out there – not just product but information too”

It also provides an opportunity to look at the evolution of some of the best menswear brands around. First up was Raf Simons.   (I’ll admit, not the greatest of fans, but interesting to see the forward thinking on display) Next up is one of my all-time favourite collections. The Levi’s Vintage/RED collection. For about ten years now Levi’s RED has been the experimental arm of the Levis empire, originally spun out of the successful launch of the the Engineered jean in 1999. From playing with proportions of fit, to reimagining the whole construction and iconography of a pair of Levi’s they have always made a statement. I think I own 6 pairs of Levi’s RED, from the earliest hemp versions to the ‘yoga jean’. (And got some pretty funny comments on them, but they fit like a glove) Levi’s Vintage has been around for a little bit longer, and has strived to reproduce it’s archive of jeans. From the early 201’s (1900’s) to the classic 1930’s cinchback jeans to the 1947 jean onwards a cut that still defines the five pocket jean of today.  They also happen to make the greatest white t-shirts ever.

So take a journey through the collection, you certainly won’t be disappointed, and kudos for Oki Ni for maintaining their passion for this brand over the years. Take the time to read their abridged (but still excellent history of Levi’s.

Some faves here.





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