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Over at talent imitates, genius steals, i found this engrossing piece of branded content from the consistently excellent Honda. This would be my third post on the creative work coming from Honda, after the great ‘doer’ ad and the ‘let it shine’ ad. The message coming from Honda has certainly gravitated towards a stronger eco message, but still rooted in it’s commitment to innovation. Innovation form the backdrop for the ‘Dream The Impossible‘ film series. In their words, a chance to – “document our advancement as a company through film to give you a better understanding of the people behind our products.”.

With that aim in mind, the first film in that series certainly sets a high watermark. ‘Dreams of 2088’ Is both a wide eyed look at the future, (which excitingly we cannot predict but is actually not too far away, I mean there is a good chance some of us will still be alive to see 2088. Now that’s nuts) while firmly rooted in the need to deliver change to our car dependent habits in the present. The language is evocative, insightful and hopeful, I loved the way the participants started to look at the evolution of your car through a ‘social’ lens. Flipping the dynamics of the car from master to servant. As one guys says ‘make ing the car work for the city’  And of course highlighting the benefits of their own Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car. There’s also a nice mix of talking heads, from design bods at Honda in the U.S and Japan to bizarrely Christopher Guest (neé of Spinal Tap)

All in all not a bad bit of work from Honda. Take a look at the rest of the films here. Below is ‘Dreams Of 2088’

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