50 Parties Flyer Ryan McGinness

The New York based artist Ryan McGinness has decided to go old school. Lamenting the breakdown of the party as a place for social interaction and dynamic spaces to play, he has created the 50 Parties project. 50 Weeks, with 50 themes, the 50 parties project task is to build parties without pretense, with people you know and find interesting, people who have something to offer, creating real meaningful interactions, and something real as a result. It reminds me of the early Loft parties (from what I’ve anecdotally heard anyways) with excitement and interest built around a genuine passion, as opposed to turning up at the next ‘fashionable’ event. With authenticity of experience becoming more and more relevant this seems not only a novel and fascinating idea but also very timely. You can follow the results of the 50 parties on the website, where the outputs of the parties will be documented. I’m watching with interest, especially as London seems overrun with horrendously bad ‘parties’- shallow in both of conversation, organisation and inspiration. (Except this and this).  Thanks to @markschil for bringing it to light…


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