Final Song Front Cover

The Final Song. When you think about it, it’s a pretty big deal. All the highs and lows of your life soundtracked one last time for friends family. It’s a great question, deeply personal, and one that the always interesting guys from Get Physical Records have tried to tackle.The result is Final Song #1, 13 DJ’s were asked to contribute their final song, interestingly, (but not unsurprisingly) a few declined to take part, which means that you have to really respect the DJ’s who did contribute. Get Physical talk about getting to the very heart of the spiritual dimension of music, it also is an incredible document of the purity and power of music. Sometimes it’s not that obvious, but  music envelopes, defines us and is an essential part of being alive. Which may sound stupidly pompous, but sort of gets to the heart of why this album is so interesting. It’s as emotional a journey through music as you can take.

As Ewan Pearson (one of the contributers) says  “Peggy Lee had her second big hit with this song in which Lieber and Stoller turn a Thomas Mann short story into an existential justification for lives spent in nightclubs and soaked with booze. I hope it would raise a wry smile among my loved ones, and the sentiment is actually pretty wise—your present life is all you have so best enjoy it!”

So these aren’t just songs, they are manifestos, documents of life. Luckily, Get Physical have opened up this question on their website, and naturally it’s generated a fair bit of debate. I also found this on Bodytonic and this on RA

And mine? Well here it is, if your gonna go, make em work for it…

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