Mark Murphy Rah

Today feels like the right day to post this little ditty.

I discovered this originally via a short sample at the start of Tyler Askew’s My Favourite Things mixes (which I would highly recommend) It bugged me for ages who or what this song was, naturally as a crate digger, I got the shovel out and started scratching around. I worked out via a process of deduction that it was My Favourite Things, but who had done this version? (it clearly was not Julie Andrews) Itunes proved useless, and that’s when Spotify decided to play it’s hand. Whilst whiling away some time on this awesome program (if you haven’t downloaded it you are missing out BIG TIME) I randomly searched for My Favourite Things and would you believe it, there it was, the same little flugelhorn intro, the swishing swaying drums, the epitome of West Coast Jazz cool. All in all, a major result.  With that little mystery solved, who then is Mark Murphy? Turns out he’s an amazing jazz singer, and this song comes from his 1961 album Rah, regarded as the finest of his career. He actually started out as a teen idol singer, heavily marketed by Capitol records, he rejected this label to pursue a richer vein of jazz and by proxy the Great American Songbook and Bossa Nova. His voice and stylings remind me of another great jazz singer from this time that I would highly recommend you seek out. Johnny Hartman

Here is Mark Murphy – My Favorite Things

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