I have always been fascinated with cult films of the 1960′s and 70′s, I love them for the fact they are these amazing time capsules, capturing the energy of the time and also the way they play very fast and loose with the morals of the time. Because they were B-movies in all but name, they could take incredible risks and push the boundries of taste further than anyone dared think back then. Probably one of the finest films of this genre was the one that was up until a few years ago was banned in the U.K. Roger Corman’s The Trip. This scene probably captures best the insanity of some these films. (FYI – the band is The International Submarine Band – Gram Parsons first group.)

The reason the film came back to mind was the discovery of Modcinema. The website sells DVD copies of some of the more hard to find cult/exploitation films from the late 1960′s and early 70′s. They also have fab Youtube and Vimeo channels, where they show just some of the weird and wacky trailers and clips from some of these films. I’ve posted a couple that I was aware of, and ones that have me totally hooked. I’m pleasd to say that the craziness continues unabated, and it’s good to see some of the more bizarre British entrants in here (I mean seriously – a psychedelic sexploitation film with Charles Hawtrey in it? – too weird) 

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