I finally saw An Inconvenient Truth last night, which was a revelation, for no other fact that it was not as preachy as I thought (or had heard) it would be, and I fond his closing remarks about the will of humans to makes changes for the better a compelling and inspirational conclusion. The first ad break on Channel 4 last night was dedicated to the one particular advert. The ‘Doer’ ad from Honda. As everyone knows, Honda (and their agency W&K) have over the last four or five years have created some of the most stunning TV ads around. From the ‘impossible dream’ ad to the choir, the quality of these ads is right up there. It turns out the doer ad was actually launched last year, but to coincide with the launch of the Honda Insight, the ad has been re-released. What I love about it is it’s positivity, it’s a really simple idea, which manages to avoid so many of the cliches and tweeness of environment awareness communication. By framing and idea around the ‘doing’ (as opposed to telling) it feels more real and achievable. A ‘nudge’ if you will. (But more about that later) Great work.

Wieden & Kennedy London, Directed by Coan & Zorn @ Not To Scale

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