Ok, I just got back from the Odeon Leicester Square and the 165 minutes of Watchmen. I spent a bit of time this weekend reading the graphic novel in preparation for seeing the film, which I thought (and was vindicated) that was a good idea.

The verdict, I’m gonna have to say outstanding. This is a classic case of a film that is going to leave some people absolutely bemused and some in raptures. But I like that, extremes are good. The plot of the Graphic Novel is pretty intense, and that intensity is delivered throughout. The look of the film is just astounding. I was a fan of the stylings of 300 (whose director Zack Synder, is also at the helm of this opus) and here they are given an added realism, that feels faithful but adds a grimmer darker texture to the story. The opening action scene where the Comedian is killed is amazingly put together and deeply visceral. The choice of songs that soundtrack the film are also another highlight. Two stand out, the muzak version of ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ piping in while Veidt holds court is a cracking little touch, and the drama of the Origin of Dr Manhattan is greatly enhanced by Phillips Glass’ soundtrack for Koyannistki – it sent chills down the spine. The bad bits? The ending (as in the book) is a bit pony, and the sex scene is hilariously bad. The film does seem to trail off in it’s final third, and you do get the sense that some of the other key parts of the book will make this a better film in Blu-Ray, but these are minor issues.  I would recommend also going to see this at the biggest screen you can find (I intend to go and see it at an IMAX, but it was sold out) as the louder and bigger you can get the better (I would also recommend sitting at the front even better). It’s a triumph of will and imagination, and is probably a strong contender for the most interesting blockbuster you will see this year.

P.S – have a look at the website (and this one), it’s some of the best and most complete pieces of movie marketing I have seen yet.

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