As I’m sure most people are aware,  England just launched it’s new kit, alot has already been written about it some of it good, most of it bad. I must say it does seem an easy kit to lampoon but I personally think it’s great. Smart, clean certainly retro but super stylish with it. It’s no surprise that there is some serious style credentials behind it. But what really drew my attention (via Twitter natch) was the website. Developed by Anomaly, it is a fantastic interactive journey into the history of England kits (with live comments popping up around the team photos) the inspirations behind the new kit, and the tailoring and design process. I love the depth that the site goes into (little things like make your own kit with your name on it are cute and effective…), as well as the Umbro blog, which helps position Umbro as the heritage brand of English football, all in all a nice change of pace from the glossy edifices of Nike and Addidas.

  1. James Stone says: March 30, 20091:50 PM

    I’m hoping Umbro do the same for West Ham soon

  2. admin says: March 30, 20099:05 PM

    oh yeah totally.

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