This is the 100th post of thesocietyofthespectacle. I’d like to thank everyone who’s been here and liked what they’ve seen. For the 100th, I’m posting something VERY special. The soundtrack, the bible, the definitive mix of Yacht Rock – reallyreallysmoothmusic. For those that don’t know, Yacht Rock was a 10 part series created for the online comedy website Channel 101. It exlpored the (fictional) adventures of the Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins and Koko Goldstein as they move through the smooth AOR sounds of late seventies California to the harder edge 80’s. Along the way there’s backyard songfights (refereed by Peter Cetera), deaths, betrayal, ghosts and really really smooth music. I found it a few years ago, while the The Doobies, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan and Kenny Loggins were already staples of my DJ bag, the brilliance of these ten epsiodes opened up glorious avenues of exploration. The one album wonderness of Christopher Cross, the hyper professionalism of Toto, and those sworn enemies of smooth – Hall & Oates, (with a little bit of Jimmy Mussina thrown in). So about a year ago, I put together the really really smooth music mix. It’s done the rounds around the net, and has acted as the ultimate introduction to this amazing music for many of my friends and colleagues. (I also think it’s more legit than the bastardised version of Yacht Rock that appeared on an RA podcast a few months back.)

but anyways, here Really Really Smooth Music – Let me know what you think!

Here’s the first few Yacht Rock’s for your viewing pleasure…

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