While looking at ACL i noticed he had posted some stunning images from  the LIFE archive (available via google images.) The World War II images are amazing, the colouring gives you a whole new sense of that period of time. I went diggin around the archive looking up one of my passions: the Boston Celtics and whaddya know? There is a whole set of fantastic images from the first golden age of the team (1956 – 1969) All the classic ’60’s Celtics lineup are there (Cousy, Heinshon, Russell, Havlicek etc…) in action. But what makes these shots really stand out is the unconventional shooting style the blur on the shots gives you a fantastic sense of the speed that basketball can be played at. It’s such a fluid and dynamic game. It’s been called America’s Jazz and these images go someway to explaining why that tag is bang on.


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